Hartman King PC’s legal challenge filed with the California State Water Resources Control Board successfully resulted in the rescission of an enforcement order against one of the leading environmental law firm’s oil and alternative fuels industry clients.

“We are extremely pleased that we achieved this result for our client,” said President and Founder, Jennifer Hartman King. “Challenging a regulatory agency’s enforcement order is no easy legal task; however, we knew our client stood on solid ground to pursue this fight and win with our support. We appreciate and acknowledge the agency’s careful consideration and clearly, the significant weight, they attributed to our Petition for Review,” she added.

One of nine regional water boards with enforcement authority in the state, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s order issued in November 2019 alleged Hartman King PC’s client was responsible for a petroleum release into the environment at a site in Shasta County. The agency directed the law firm’s client to prepare a technical workplan to remove an underground storage tank from the site, remove the tank and any contaminated soil, and conduct invasive investigation and soil and groundwater sampling. The agency threatened Hartman King PC’s client with civil liability of up to $10,000 per day for refusing to comply with its order.

“The agency’s rescission of the enforcement order is the correct legal result and validates that our client is not responsible for the alleged petroleum release,” said Alanna Lungren, Principal at Hartman King PC. “This outcome rightfully spares our client from incurring the significant legal and technical expert costs it would have otherwise had to incur to comply with the order,” added Lungren.

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