One size does not fit all. Neither off-the-rack legal representation nor inexpert dabbling is ever in a client’s interest—no matter who provides it. We believe that this is the right way to practice law and always has been.

Hartman King PC is a boutique law firm that:

  • Specializes in environmental litigation, enforcement defense, contaminated property transactions, hazardous waste and hazardous materials, regulatory reporting, food and agriculture, weights and measures, product labeling and registration, and water quality.
  • Offers unique access to law and policy makers through a strategic Sacramento, California location.
  • Provides highly specialized support in environmental cost recovery litigation, administrative actions, permitting, due diligence, site investigation, and remediation associated with contaminated properties.
  • Taps deep expertise in regulatory compliance requirements, including assisting clients in developing and implementing nationwide hazardous waste management and weights and measures programs.
  • Guides clients nationwide in navigating complex areas of law to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Serves a broad range of industries including retail, food and agriculture, energy, and automotive.

At Hartman King PC, we are relentlessly devoted to:

  • A standard that provides each of our clients with focused, creative, resourceful, and personalized legal representation.
  • A structure that balances the highest level of legal sophistication in our practice areas with the nimbleness to tailor our representation to each client and their unique goals.
  • A culture that attracts attorneys who are second to none in their areas of specialty, provides opportunities for customized and flexible representation, and aligns professional incentives with successfully meeting the goals of every client.