Washington’s Department of Ecology (the “Department”) is proposing revisions to the Dangerous Waste Regulations, which were filed on March 25, 2020. The Department believes the proposed updates will clarify requirements, streamline compliance, and ensure proper and safe management of dangerous wastes. The revised regulations seek to incorporate required federal hazardous waste rules in order to remain consistent with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations, as well as state-initiated amendments, including:

  • Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals and Amendments to the P075 Listing for Nicotine
  • Safe Management of Recalled Airbags
  • Hazardous Waste Management System: User Fees for the Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest System and Amendments to Manifest Regulations
  • Purported corrections and clarifications to the Generator Improvements rule and other dangerous waste rules adopted January 28, 2019
  • Updating Biological Testing Methods for the Designation of Dangerous Waste publication 80-12

The Department’s rulemaking information and documents are available here: https://ecology.wa.gov/Regulations-Permits/Laws-rules-rulemaking/Rulemaking/WAC173-303

The Department has opened a comment period on the draft regulations. Comments must be received no later than May 26, 2020, and may be submitted to the Department by mail or online at: http://hwtr.ecology.commentinput.com/?id=Ccx25

The Department will hold a public hearing on May 5, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. The hearing will be held by webinar in light of COVID-19 concerns, and all interested parties are invited to participate. For instruction on how to join the webinar, go to: https://watech.webex.com/watech/onstage/g.php?MTID=e80b9b72c04132f0d53a284641f137ead

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