At Hartman King PC, we are relentlessly devoted to one overriding purpose: providing each of our clients with focused, creative, and resourceful legal representation.  We are intentionally structured as a 21st Century law firm that is both focused on providing the highest level of sophisticated legal service in our areas of expertise and being sufficiently nimble to tailor our representations to each individual client and the necessarily unique goals they hire us to advance.  One size does not fit all, and neither off-the-rack legal representation nor inexpert dabbling is ever in a client’s interest, no matter who provides it.

Our attorneys are second to none in the areas in which they specialize, and we seek to combine that highest level of legal talent, skill, and expertise with the opportunities for customized and flexible representation and intrinsically aligned incentives that are offered by boutique law firms.  We have structured Hartman King PC to ensure that our attorneys are able to provide the very best expert and sophisticated legal service on a personalized basis and to take our clients and their goals and needs personally.  We believe that this is the right way to practice law and probably always has been.  We are certain that this is what clients have the right to expect from their law firm in the 21st Century.